The Invention of the Smokey Pokey ~

A long, long time ago, a dad was putting another log on the family campfire during a freak snowstorm on Memorial Day weekend in the great state of Michigan. Trying to be a good father, he admonished his 4-year-old daughter who was attempting to help him "Rachel! Whatever you do, never put your hands or feet in the fire or you'll get burned!" Just then, a log the dad had placed on the fire rolled off. Immediately the dad reached down and picked up the log, placing it back on the fire. When he turned around, his found his daughter staring at him. "What are you looking at?" asked the dad. She said "You JUST told me not to put my hands or feet into the fire…and you JUST did!" She was right, hence the invention of the Smokey Pokey! It was invented out of necessity for a dad to redeem himself to his daughter. Now Rachel teaches her kids not to put their hand or feet in the fire as their Grandfather sits back and watches her and his grandkids.
Please teach your kids the right way to build and tend your campfires with a Smokey Pokey! gif_fire_028

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The Smokey Pokey is a useful item to have during a camping trip and serves many purposes other than building campfires.
Marian Barron
My Family Loves The Smokey Pokey! Kids Love Roasting Marshmallows & Hotdogs!
Erica Lilly